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STAND 24.02.2019

1. Conclusion of contract / correction

An order is only possible if all in the order form with * specified mandatory fields are completed. Lack of information or can If we fail to comply with the order for any other reason, the customer will receive the order Customer an error message. Before the final sending of the order the customer is given the opportunity to correct his order. The customer receives supporting detailed information directly in the course of the Ordering process. Once the ordering process is completed, the Customer about it through an info window “Your order is completed and was successfully sent to us “notified. This poses on our part still no acceptance of the offer of the customer.

2. Confirmation of receipt

When the order has arrived, the customer will be informed of the he has provided an e-mail address from the receipt of his order agreed. This understanding does not make any assumption on our part of the customer’s offer.

3. Binding of the customer to his offer

The customer is to his order 2 days from receipt of this order bound. The legal right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal) remains unaffected.

4. Contract storage

The purchase contract is not stored by us. If the customer wishes to print the text of the contract after placing his order, he can proceed as follows: The sales contract is stored by us and can be found under the address available.

5. Contract language

The contract language is German.

6. Destination country

Our offer is aimed exclusively at customers with residence or habitual residence in Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Belgium and Switzerland.

7. Prices and shipping costs

All prices are total prices. They are inclusive of all Taxes including sales tax and duties as well as shipping costs, unless they are shown separately. For a delivery in In a non-EEA country, the consumer has all import and export charges including any duties, fees and charges.

8. Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods / credit cards: Paypal, credit cards (Mastercard, VISA), advance payment, Sofortüberweisung

9. Due date / advance payment

If no other payment method has been agreed, the customer agrees at full payment of the purchase price Contract. The delivery of the goods takes place only after receipt of the Amount in our bank account.

10. Due date / train by train

Unless otherwise agreed, the purchase price upon delivery to pay for the goods by cash on delivery. A cash discount is only in the frame and recognized by agreement.

11. Due date / payment term

Unless otherwise agreed, the purchase price is within 3 days from delivery and receipt of invoice without any deduction and free of charge pay.

12. Due date / discount

The purchase price is within 3 days from delivery and receipt of invoice pay. A discount is not possible without prior agreement.

13. Due date / cash discount

If the customer is not even a partial payment within the for he will lose his agreed payment term The right to a deduction not only in respect of this partial payment, but also in terms of all already done or later making payments.

14. Default interest

Even in the case of non-culpable late payment of the contract partner we are entitled to default interest of 20% per annum charge; This will make claims for replacement of proven higher Interest in the case of indebted arrears is not affected.

15. Right of withdrawal / right of withdrawal

The term “right of withdrawal”, which is common in Austria, corresponds to the term “right of withdrawal” used in Germany and used in the Consumer Rights Directive. We therefore use the synonymous term pair “right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal)”. In the revocation instruction only the term “right of revocation” is used. This is synonymous with the Austrian term “right of withdrawal. Details can be found in the cancellation policy.

16. Non-existent right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal)

For goods made to customer specifications or clearly tailored to personal needs no right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal). For goods that spoil quickly or whose expiration date would quickly be exceeded no right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal). For newspapers, magazines or Illustrated (with the exception of subscription contracts) there is no Right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal).

17. Waiving right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal)

For goods that are delivered sealed and for reasons of Health protection or for reasons of hygiene not suitable for return are, the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal), if the goods after the delivery has been unsealed. For sound or video recordings like CDs, DVDs etc as well as for computer software in a sealed Package are delivered the right of withdrawal (right of withdrawal), if the goods have been unsealed after delivery. For goods that inseparable after their delivery due to their nature other goods have been mixed, the right of withdrawal is void (Rescission).

18. Reference to the statutory warranty

The provisions on the statutory warranty apply. The Warranty period for the delivery of movable goods 2 Years from takeover of the goods.

19. Customer Service / Warranty

Complaints based on statutory warranty claims or other complaints can be made at the following address: Michele Viteritti, Breitlahneweg 290, AT-6290 Mayrhofen

20. Warranty

In addition to the statutory warranty, we do not grant our own Guarantees. The closer terms of any manufacturer’s warranties If necessary, you will find the respective goods.

21. Acceptance delay

If the consumer is in default of acceptance, we are entitled to to store the goods with us, for which we have a storage fee of € 5.00 per Invoice on the beginning of the calendar day. At the same time we stay entitled to insist on fulfillment of the contract.

22. Delivery period

Unless otherwise agreed, we deliver within 7 days of our confirmation of the contract.

23. Retention of title

The goods remain our property until full payment.

24. Effect of the retention of title

In case of default of the customer, we are entitled to our To claim rights from the retention of title. It is agreed that in the assertion of the retention of title no withdrawal from Contract is, unless we declare the withdrawal from the contract expressly.

25. Data processing

The customer agrees that the following personal information, namely First name, surname, address, UID, e-mail, telephone number, date of birth, for the purpose of future “visits” in the webshop, for the personalization of webshop offers are processed.

26. Declaration of consent to receive promotional e-mails

Customer agrees to receive news from our company our products, current offers and other company-related Information via advertising e-mail, in particular newsletters, too.

27. Jurisdiction

For all disputes, the district court in Zell am Ziller is agreed.

28. Revocation to receive promotional emails

The customer may agree to receive such emails at any time revoked as follows: Return the e-mail to the sender address with the note “Please no further advertising e-mails”

29. Contact information for customer complaints

Consumers also have the option to contact the EU’s online dispute resolution platform: http: // You can also file your complaint directly with us at the following e-mail address:

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